The Latest Energy Saving Technology

The latest energy saving technology available anywhere in the world is showcased at the start of each year at the Consumer Electronic Show. This year it was held at the beginning of January in Las Vegas.

Environmental Themes

Although the Consumer Electronic Show is primarily for business, it is encouraging to see that environmental technology features very highly in the new offerings in 2011. The tradeshow has been voted as the leader in environmental innovation, as it features so many developments from companies that have products that are either produced with low environmental impact, or that help consumers to reduce their effect on the planet’s resources.

The place where the tradeshow was held – the Las Vegas Convention Centre is highly regarded as being low on environmental impact. This set the scene for the exhibits at this year’s conference, which was sponsored by both the Sustainable Planet TechZone and Earth911. Both of these companies champion recycling, ecofriendly products and technologies that are more energy efficient.

The products on offer at this year’s exhibition fitted several important environmental criteria; they were useful for making more ecofriendly business, for conserving energy and our reliance on fossil fuels, for encouraging sustainable development and living, reducing packaging and making building more energy efficient and environmentally friendly.

Electric Vehicles Look Big for the Future

One of the main sponsors of the show, the Electric Vehicle TechZone took up a lot of space in the exhibition area, showing a wide variety electric vehicles that can run at low or high speed. It also featured the solutions for energy storage and charging that the vehicles need if they are to become practical for everyday life.

As well as smaller producers and environmental innovators, the major car companies were also well represented – this is a popular tradeshow that attracts companies such as Toyota, Ford, Audi and others, keen to make sure they keep up to speed on environmentally friendly vehicle design and production.

Green Business Opportunities

One of the major selling points of the tradeshow is that it is bringing together thousands of professionals and business people into the same location. They may have to travel to get there, but, overall, the amount of distance covered, and the number of trips made during the year to allow all the meetings that take place at the conference, actually saves the environment. The distance travelled to the conference is far less than the collective distance that individual delegates would have otherwise travelled to meet each other.

A Green and Ecofriendly Conference

The latest technology on display is available for the world to see, often for the first time. The attendees at the conference aim to show how they can develop modern technology that has a low impact on the environment. This means that products of the future, such as mobile phones, home theatre systems, televisions, blue-ray players and DVD players, digital cameras, computers, smart devices, monitors and home appliances can be developed with more sustainable materials. The will also be able to run on less energy, or combine traditional fossil fuel based sources with renewable energy sources such as <#66#>solar power<#> and wind power.