Energy Saving Help With Green Deal and ECO

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Green Deal update. Due to changes in Government policy Green Deal funding is no longer available for customers. We will update this page when we are have further information about any alternatives. There's an old saying that "an Englishman's home is his castle", but the problem is that, just like [...]

How Smart is a Smart Grid?

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The world has become an increasingly ‘smart’ place, with in-built intelligence and enhanced functionality now coming as standard features in everything from bombs to phones – and now it seems the race is on to smarten up the grid too, and change the way we get our electricity forever. It [...]

Can a Wood Burning Stove Reduce My Heating Bills?

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The idea of providing a large proportion of your heating with a cosy wood burning stove may also seem like an attractive idea but when it comes to the bottom line, are you likely to save money and how soon can you expect to claw back the cost of your [...]

The Energy Efficient Home Office

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The concept of working from home and telecommuting has not yet become as widespread as it could, but having people working from home, either permanently, or on some days of the week, has the potential to save both money and environmental impact. A worker who is at home has more [...]

Edwardian Terrace Into the 21st Century: A Case Study

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The Roberts family live in a large Edwardian terrace in Reading, close to the Royal Berkshire Hospital, where Chris used to work as a midwife. “When I turned 50 a couple of years ago, we calculated that I could retire early; I have been suffering from a bad back since [...]

What Are Feed in Tariffs?

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Feed in tariffs are mentioned quite often in articles and discussions about renewable energy, but what exactly is a feed in tariff? Essentially, this term describes the situation in which a household uses renewable energy, or an energy efficient boiler, to provide for its own power needs. The small energy [...]

Can You Make a Stately Home Ecofriendly?

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If you live in an ordinary house it is not that easy to be environmentally friendly and few of us can claim to have homes that are carbon neutral. Having a larger house makes things more difficult, so how would you approach becoming more environmentally friendly if you owned or [...]

What is the Boiler Scrappage Scheme?

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The boiler scrappage scheme follows on from the UK government’s recent initiative on car scrappage. It’s a scheme to encourage people with older, low efficiency boilers to invest in newer, more efficient models. The incentive is a £400 cheque towards the cost. To be able to qualify for the scheme, [...]

Working Out What Your Heater Will Cost

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With rising fuel bills from all suppliers and future predictions that fuel will become even more expensive in the near future, we all have to think more carefully about how we heat a home. Gas prices particularly have shot up in price and the average home is now paying a [...]

Does Having Appliances on Standby Use Power?

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You might think that when you switch an electrical appliance off, it uses no power, but you could not be more wrong. Many appliances now have a 'standby' function that allows them to be turned on again quickly, without starting up from scratch. The appliances that have a standby facility [...]

Does it Pay to Change Electricity and Gas Suppliers?

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Until fairly recently, everyone got their gas through British Gas and their electricity through their own regional electricity company. In the late 1990s, the British government decided to deregulate electricity companies and British Gas and allow competition from different companies to supply domestic utilities. It was a move designed to [...]

Home Information Packs

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Since their introduction in August 2007, Home Information Packs have certainly caused a stir in the property market, and opinions have clashed from those who love – or hate - the idea of HIPs and their contents. Crucially, though, the introduction of Home Information Packs has had significant implications on [...]

How House Building is Going Green

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House building is taking a greener turn, if recent government policies are anything to go by. That means the days that architecture, house design and construction of homes in the UK were completed without consideration to the environment, and the larger issue of global warming, will become a thing of [...]

Save Energy Through Your Appliances

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No 21st century household would be complete without a range of gizmos and gadgets to help make quick work of day-to-day tasks. These items make our lives easier but most of us don't realise how much damage our bad energy habits are having on the environment – or how we [...]

Insulating and Heating Your Home

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Keeping your house comfortable and cozy particularly during the winter months is one of the biggest preoccupations in any household. As such, energy bills are one of the biggest expenses, even after recent announcements that many of the energy companies would be lowering their costs for customers. This is why [...]

Energy Saving Products

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When trying to use less energy in the home it’s important to choose energy saving products to support your efforts. If your boiler’s on the blink, washing machine’s is broken, or you’re just considering investing in more energy efficient products, help is at hand to find the best appliances for [...]

Reducing Your Monthly Household Bills

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Reducing outgoings is top priority for most households. But short of unplugging the phone and turning the boiler off, saving money on your bills is easier said than done. That said, rethinking your finances can really make a difference to your wallet. Take a Closer Look at Your Energy Bills [...]

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