EnergySavingSecrets was formed to offer a unique reference point on saving money and the environment.

We all know that the planet is changing. The seasons seem to be merging into one another, with much less distinction between winter and summer. Erratic weather conditions are reported on a weekly basis: flash floods, increased rainfall and arctic ice melts are now common news reports.

But we can make a difference. We can help to slow down the damage that is being done to our environment – if we know what to do.

The website has been written by our team of experts. Our team has provided interesting and helpful articles and advice to help you to achieve a more sustainable environment, whether it be in the home, at work, or during your leisure time.

The articles on the website cover a wide range of topics. Everyone has developed bad habits, such as leaving lights on when not in the room, and leaving electric appliances on standby. This site gives you some tips on how you can reduce energy consumption by adopting better ‘habits’.

Through the practice of good environmental habits, we can make a big difference. But why not take it a stage further? If you are thinking about generating your own power, help is available. Our team can offer advice on how to set up power generation by using the natural elements e.g. wind and sun. Or perhaps you simply need to get the most from your existing energy company. Again, we can offer some great advice.By taking a proactive approach in our everyday lives, we can make a difference.