Are Teenagers in the UK Eco Aware?

By |2021-05-20T22:30:13+00:00November 23, 2010|Greener Kids|

Surveys show that most teenagers in the UK think it is good to be environmentally aware and many of them think their generation could do a better job of looking after the world compared to their parents. Having these opinions does not, however, often translate into their actions and teenagers [...]

Being Green at School and College

By |2021-05-20T22:30:17+00:00September 25, 2007|Greener Kids|

There's much more to doing your bit for the environment than the habits we change at home. We also need to change other aspects of our day-to-day lives too - including our school and college lives. Teachers and tutors can set the example and encourage the whole school or college [...]

Make Your School More Environmentally Friendly

By |2021-05-20T22:30:17+00:00July 29, 2007|Greener Kids|

For parents and children alike it can be a hectic, frenzied rush for the bell; for commuters and other drivers an irritating but inevitable hold-up on their way. Parents on the so-called ‘school run’ – driving children to and from school, Monday to Friday – can create chaos on the [...]

Reusable Nappies Vs Disposable

By |2021-05-20T22:30:18+00:00June 27, 2007|Greener Kids|

Having a baby will turn your world and house upside-down. And between sleepless nights and your new hectic routine as Mum or Dad you may get a moment to notice how quickly the dustbin gets filled up. The biggest culprit? Nappies. Not only are disposable nappies expensive and messy, they’re [...]

Encouraging Your Child’s School to Save Energy

By |2021-05-20T22:30:18+00:00May 29, 2007|Greener Kids|

Climate change is a long term challenge not just to be debated and tackled today but over the next generations to come. This means that it’s vital to educate our children and our children’s children now in how to fight climate change and what will happen if it’s left unchecked. [...]

Teaching Children to be Energy Efficient

By |2021-05-20T22:30:21+00:00January 29, 2007|Greener Kids|

The issue of climate change isn’t going to go away. The adverse effect our energy use over the past 200 years has had on the environment means that the next generations will have to deal with the consequences. This makes teaching our children and grandchildren how to be energy efficient [...]

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