Good Going Campaign LondonGood Going is a London based campaign promoting sustainable travel options in the capital. It is helping Londoners to understand the importance and ease of choosing cycling, walking and other greener transport schemes over gas-guzzling modes of transport.

Even if you don’t live in London yourself, find out how Good Going’s objectives could also change the way you choose to travel where you live.

Who Is Involved in Good Going?

Going Going is an initiative set up and run by Transport for London. The aim is to make people in London more conscious of the environmental impact their travel choices have, as well as promoting transport options that are better for the environment. The scheme is supported by London Mayor Ken Livingstone, as well as all London boroughs. Together they work to launch special travel events and projects across the capital.


Good Going promotes sustainable transport in lots of creative ways. Look out for events in your local area – you’ll probably see them advertised in local press or at stations and bus-stops. An ‘In Town Without My Car’ day gives incentives for car users to leave them at home and choose public transport options instead, or makes the centre of an area fully pedestrianised. There are also frequent educational events to help people get a practical understanding of transport in their area – the services on offer, prices, special tickets and other facilitating information. Special events for the elderly, children and commuters are also on for specialist advice and information.

The Pledge

The Good Going pledge is central to the activity of the entire campaign. This asks individuals to make a commitment to travel in a more sustainable way wherever it is possible to do so. There are over 10,000 Good Going pledge card holders. The cards allow the holder to qualify for a range of discounts and incentives as a reward to travelling in a green manner.

In the Community

Good Going supports community projects across the capital, especially during Good Going week. This takes place every year and includes a range of fun activities and events involving different parts of the local community. Last year, uni-cycling, over 100 free guided walks, tree planting, and free breakfasts for cyclists were just some of the events taking place to help promote sustainable transport.

Good Going’s Top Modes of Transport: Walk or Cycle Walking or cycling around London isn’t just good the environment – though both these transport modes are green – it’ll also help you to avoid traffic congestion and costs associated with owning and running a car. An extensive cycle lane system on London’s roads helps cyclists to get from A to B safely.

Public Transport London boasts one of the biggest and oldest public transport schemes in the world – so it would be a shame not to use it! You can obtain timetables and maps of the Underground, train, tram and bus services from any station or stop, or you can visit for up-to-date travel information.

Every weekday, over 6,800 scheduled buses carry around six million passengers on over 700 different routes, and the Tube carries 976 million passengers in total in a year. Both options emit less CO2 per person than using a car does.