Should I Use a Solar Thermal or Solar PV System?

By |2021-05-20T22:30:16+00:00February 19, 2009|experts|

For most of Europe, solar thermal systems can give relatively quick savings for people wanting solar power in their already-built homes, where a lot of energy is spent on water heating. The fundamental different between a solar PV system and a solar thermal system is that the former converts light [...]

More Efficient For Combi Boiler to Be ON all the Time?

By |2021-05-20T22:30:16+00:00February 3, 2009|experts|

If the house was empty all day, it would be more efficient generally to time the heating to come on in the morning and in the evening. The energy you save by not having the heating on for a long period every day is more than the extra energy it [...]

Are Energy Saving Fittings Efficient in a High Use Environment

By |2021-05-20T22:30:16+00:00January 14, 2009|experts|

It's an interesting question and quite difficult to answer exactly but here goes... Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFL's) have a transformer which is an inductive load. This means that it draws a surge of current when powered on which is what your friend is referring to - and in short term [...]

What is the Most Efficient Type of Heating Appliance?

By |2021-05-20T22:30:16+00:00January 2, 2009|experts|

Thanks for your question, and well done for your green approach in your home - it can be all too tempting to switch on the heating for an extra few hours during the day in those cold winter months! If you're only looking to heat one room during the day, [...]

Will I Benefit from Extra Loft Insulation?

By |2021-05-20T22:30:16+00:00November 18, 2008|experts|

Firstly, it's great news that you already have 270mm of insulation in your loft – which means you're already saving energy and money on your heating bills. A quarter of the heat used to warm up your home is lost through the loft, and 270mm is the minimum depth of [...]

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