What Are Smart Meters and Do they Save Energy?

By |2021-05-20T22:30:14+00:00May 11, 2010|energy-saving|

Smart meters look set to be the next ‘must have’ energy saving gadget for every home. These are already available to buy in many shops and from a variety of online suppliers. Various feasibility studies that have investigated whether smart meters save money and power have produced conflicting results but [...]

Energy Saving and Computers

By |2021-05-20T22:30:16+00:00June 7, 2008|energy-saving|

It's difficult to imagine a world without computers, laptops, the internet and other technology - and it's even harder to think of computers in an energy saving, green context. Computers, just like other energy zapping commodities have, in some environmentalists' eyes, come to represent yet another product that's ultimately damaging [...]

Facts You Should Know About Energy

By |2021-05-20T22:30:17+00:00September 11, 2007|energy-saving|

Whether you’re a veteran green expert or new to the ideas of saving energy and lowering your carbon footprint it’s always worthwhile to have a broad idea of the bigger environmental picture. Not only will this help you keep focused in your quest to be more efficient with your energy [...]

Long Term Changes You Can Make

By |2021-05-20T22:30:17+00:00September 3, 2007|energy-saving|

Switching off lights when you leave a room recycling more, turning down the thermostat in the winter - these are all commendable green habits that can make a positive difference to the environment in the long term. However it’s also important to consider the bigger picture. There are significant changes [...]

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