Summer Energy Savers

When the long sunny summer months arrive, it’s time to get out of the house into the garden and the outdoors. It’s not the traditional time for thinking about saving energy and reducing your home’s bills. However, there are still things that can be done to keep your energy usage to sensible levels.

The hot weather can make even the most active of us a little lethargic, so take some quick and easy steps that won’t interrupt your summer relaxation too much.

Keep Your Home Cool

Surprisingly, lots of people forget to turn off the heating in the summer, so when the warmer weather arrives, make sure you adjust your thermostat and boiler settings. In order to keep your home cool, open windows and back doors to allow cooler breezes to circulate around the house. Home Insulation, which is usually associated with keeping your home warm in the winter, actually works by regulating the temperature throughout your home so it can keep it cool, too.

Air conditioning units and fans can help to keep a room cool, but running them uses up a great deal of energy. If you’re unable to open a window or find another way to keep cool naturally, keep the use of these high energy products to a minimum. This will also help to keep your electricity bills down.

In the Garden

It’s great to get outdoors and enjoy the garden, but fight the temptation to use the hosepipe or sprinkler. It’s still possible to keep the lawn pristine without using high quantities of water by investing in a water butt and watering can instead. A water butt collects and stores rainwater throughout the year, which you can then use free of charge to water your lawn and plants. You should also bear in mind the water restrictions operate in some parts of the UK in the summer, and you’ll be breaking the law if you used hosepipes or sprinklers anyway.

Summer Barbeques

The holiday season wouldn’t be the same without a good barbeque to end a hot, sunny day. Keep yours green by purchasing locally produced meat, and using fresh and local vegetables. Buying local reduces the food miles each product travels in order to reach your plate. You should also support your local economy by getting your charcoal from near where you live.

Discover Local Beauty Spots

It’s the perfect time of year to get out and about in your local community. Next time you decide to go on a trip, leave the car at home and cycle or Walk instead. That way you’ll be Minimising Carbon Emissions and won’t miss any hidden beauties. Taking a holiday in the UK rather than further afield is also a greener way to take a break, plus you’ll be surprised what you’ll discover on your doorstep.

Offset Your Travel

If you are planning a holiday abroad, consider offsetting your flight’s carbon emissions with a scheme such as those offered by The Carbon Neural Company, or Climate Care . In return for making a donation to cover the CO2 emitted during your journey, which will be calculated for you, your money will go towards forestation and other green projects all over the world. A return flight for a family of four from London to Spain, for example, would be offset with a donation of around £10.