Hybrid Cars Become a Reality: A Case Study

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Bimal has been raving about hybrid cars ever since he came back from the Geneva Motorshow earlier this year. As a journalist specialising in motoring, he has been waiting for the first real eco-friendly cars to become available. “We are now just on the brink of a new era in [...]

Heating My Home Office Was a Nightmare: A Case Study

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Working from home seems like the ideal situation, or a lonely, scary way to work, depending on your personality and viewpoint. Jonathan is very much the type of person who sees it as a perfect way to combine work with home life and finally took the plunge to run his [...]

I Put in a Ground Source Heat Pump: A Case Study

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Ten years ago, Virginia was living in London, working in a highly stressful job in a publishing company and feeling under great pressure. “I was working hard and, although I enjoyed my work, there was not much else in life. My husband had died two years earlier in a car [...]

A Wind Farm Was Planned Next to My House: Case Study

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Graham is surrounded by piles of papers. Some are newspaper clippings but most of them are letters relating to the opposition group he is running in his village in Caithness in Scotland. “We recently had a vote in the local community about whether people want a wind farm here, and [...]

Home Solar Panel Installation: A Case Study

By |2021-05-20T22:30:16+00:00January 19, 2009|Case Studies|

When Jo and Darrell Edgley moved from Britain to Durham, North Carolina, USA in 2006, they couldn't help but be impressed by the amount of sunshine as they searched for their new home. When they bought their house, the first thing Darrell said to Jo was: "We need to get [...]

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